GraphicConverter 8.7 (build 1254), June 22, 2013
for Intel Macs with 10.6.8 or later
(free update for all licensed customers of version 7.x and 8.x)

New features

  • added support for core image filters in batch
  • added option to import pdf/eps without antialiasing
  • added option to paste into corners
  • added support for read and write of metadata in webp format
  • added storage of OpenMeta
  • added multicopy command
  • added support for drag and drop in the browser to set keywords with text snippets
  • added import of .rgb files (variant 0x20)

Updates features

  • PNG export saves images which use only two colors as black&white image
  • translation updated
  • changed AppleScript window property "alpha channel" to "alpha" to avoid possible AppleScript issues
  • paste does limit the insertion to the image area
  • added PNG as option to the multiscale function
  • added RAW import with Bayer GBRG order
  • added RAW import with 16 bit per channel
  • added multiline support for metadata in 1x1 catalog printing layout
  • added 16 bit per channel TIFF export directly with GraphicConverter (without usage of CoreImage) - so, all metadata will be kept
  • added 12 and 16 bit dpx import and RGBA variants
  • added visible result after CMYK mode change
  • added c key support to toggle metadata display below image in slideshow
  • added rgba display to footer for images with alpha channel
  • enhanced 16 bit raw import variants
  • added option to not move stamp source
  • added transparent option to add margins and change canvas size dialogs
  • optimized speed of photo raw import

Bug fixes

  • fixed possible crash during gamma change of layers
  • fixed bug in Floyd-Steinberg
  • fixed issue with user defined display factor
  • fixed possible crashes
  • fixed bug in retina slideshow display
  • fixed bug in alias resolving during slideshow
  • fixed bug in recreate exif thumbnail action
  • fixed bug in rename upon file format
  • fixed bug in operator on grayscale images
  • fixed bug in storage of GIF files with ascii comment
  • fixed bug in movie frame extraction
  • fixed memory leak in QuickTime frames export
  • other fixes