GraphicConverter 7.0.3 (build 132), December 29, 2010

New features

  • iptc support for old 'ANPA' resources added
  • full screen preview of browser files added (command + 'G')
  • preference to suppress clipboard kind selection dialog added
  • preference to suppress selection handles added
  • preference to open PDFs with/without alpha channel added
  • support for old XMP data in the resource fork added

Updates features

  • optimized find submenu
  • position display during unskew added
  • modified scaling algorithm for unskew operation
  • command + '#' for zoom to 100% added
  • slideshow accepts display time from 0.01 to 60 seconds
  • many small optimizations

Bug fixes

  • bug with moving lasso selection with cursor keys fixed
  • bug in save only single page of multipage documents as tiff fixed
  • crash during import of some undocumented Nikon tags fixed
  • bug in insert iptc from textfile fixed
  • bug with replicating long folder names during batch conversion fixed
  • bug in saving TIFFs striped with big endian on Intel Macs fixed
  • bug with storing iptc in picts fixed
  • crash after entering empty extensions in multiscale fixed
  • wrong display of filenames with non ascii characters in progress bar of batch conversion fixed
  • uppercase bug with set type/creator command fixed
  • bug in summary tab fixed
  • bug during saving a multipage pdf as a tif fixed
  • bug in AppleScript set date from content fixed
  • bug in make name web ready fixed
  • double color conversion bug after direct saving of CMYK images fixed
  • bug with Apple Script command: set file iptc fixed
  • bug in fullscreen slideshow fixed
  • bug in handling of copy and paste of images with alpha channel fixed
  • bug with non appearing rename dialog fixed
  • fuzzy preview display of JPEGs with missing file extension fixed
  • bug during creating of file icons/previews with the finder context menu/service fixed
  • many other small bug fixes and little enhancements