GraphicConverter 8.8.2 (build 1366), October 26, 2013
for Intel Macs with 10.6.8 or later
(free update for all licensed customers of version 7.x and 8.x)

New features

  • creation of xmp sidecar files for mov, avi and mp4 added
  • caps-lock does toggle antialiasing
  • IPTC editing does keep all old 8BIM records
  • option to invert TIFFs with bad photometric interpretation added
  • added function "Extract preview from resource" to convert and modify
  • added Remove Bad Pixel batch

Updates features

  • added caption display to browser list view
  • improved grayscale histogram display

Bug fixes

  • fixed possible slideshow issue on 10.9
  • crash upon opening some old batches fixed
  • fixed possible tiff inversion issue