GraphicConverter 9.6 (build 1838), March 10, 2015
for Intel Macs with 10.7 or later
(free update for all licensed customers of version 9.x)


  • The download is possible directly from this dialog.
  • The new version is available in the download area of, too. The download will be there much faster due the available mirror servers.

New features

  • Photoshop Pattern file import
  • optional indicator for iOS HDR files to browser
  • batch SVG to PDF (vector) conversion
  • bpg (Better Portable Graphics) import and export
  • user defined fill patterns
  • vignetting correction
  • freeze and atmosphere filter
  • invert luminance
  • invert hue
  • shift channels left and right
  • temperature effect filter
  • option "Information palette follow main window"
  • import and export of Photoshop PSD layers (as option)
  • import of GIMP xcf with layers
  • import of JPEG XR (.jxr)
  • import of HD Photo (.hdp)
  • import of Windows Media Photo (.wdp)
  • Auto Red Eye
  • Reduce to Palette
  • context menu entry to set image as folder icon

Updates features

  • display in Open Street Map will now show a marker
  • added automatic rename option to overwrite dialog
  • brush tool does now support pressure of sensitive pen
  • added additional custom scale display mode to slideshow
  • improved mime decoding
  • scale dialog
  • optional exif data indicator to browser
  • additional sort into subfolder option
  • added import/export support for XMP data in JPEG2000 compatible to Photoshop
  • added help tags to the icons in the browser thumbnails
  • redesigned iptc export and import in convert&modify
  • improved CMYK PSD import
  • improved display of profile details in the information window
  • TIFF import supports now in addition CMYK uncompressed with alpha channel
  • added support for pixeltype 6 and 16 bit per channel to deltavision import
  • added detection of exif data in the browser thumbnail area for PSD and webp
  • corrupt GPS data will no longer be reported as file has gps
  • Norwegian translation updated
  • import of CMYK PSD with alpha added
  • import of optional alpha channel from Adobe TIFFs with alpha channel only in Adobe Image Resource Block added
  • iptc keywods etc. can separated by space as option
  • convert & modify will apply the selected file filter to the subfolders during the conversion, too
  • added display of JPEG file quality
  • added FITS import with 16 bit grayscale
  • added IPLab import with 16 bit grayscale
  • added DM3 import with 16 bit grayscale
  • added SMV import with 16 bit grayscale

Bug fixes

  • fixed bug in html catalog creation without images folder generation
  • fixed possible crash in cocooner during display of some JPGs
  • fixed bug in page change after saving a single page of a pdf as png
  • fixed bug with possible wrong file extension after double saving
  • fixed missing deselection of special file size in batch conversion
  • fixed possible crash with convert to jpeg automator action
  • fixed a bug in batch conversion of RGB images with 16 bit per channel to CMYK mode
  • fixed a bug in base64 decoding
  • fixed possible resolution change during export of PDF with zip or jpeg compression
  • fixed some translation issues
  • fixed large upscale of some obscure WMF files
  • fixed crash after opening CMYK JPEG with corrupt color profile
  • fixed manual Xe847 filter with 16 bit per channel images
  • fixed possible crash during save all docuements