GraphicConverter 9.7.4 (build 2083), November 14, 2015
for Intel Macs with 10.8 or later
(free update for all licensed customers of version 9.x)


  • The download is possible directly from this dialog.
  • The new version is also available in the download area of The download will be much faster there due to the available mirror servers.

New features

  • -

Updates features

  • optional ImageOptim postprocessing is now called as background thread
  • added unicode filename support to HTML catalog creation

Bug fixes

  • fixed bug in creation of tiff datetime record
  • fixed possible crash during import of some special XPS files
  • fixed label display issue browser folder tree on 10.11
  • fixed caption display in catalog/picture creation
  • fixed bug in set file date context menu command on 10.11
  • fixed possible unicode issue in html catalog creation
  • fixed possible color issue upon resaving of GIF animations