GraphicConverter 7.3.1 (build 261), August 16, 2011

New features

  • added option to select dimension of picture information
  • added option to ignore previews in resource fork
  • added option to disable auto save and versioning on Lion
  • added option reduce to printer resolution
  • display of location data in gps window added
  • action to transfer panasonic location data to IPTC/XMP added
  • option to darken unselected parts of an image added
  • added action submenu item to the browser context menu
  • reintroduced Fullscreen display command under Lion
  • added shape option "Fill with background color and frame with foreground color"
  • added option to write rating into extended file attributes

Updates features

  • Windows ICON export improved
  • photoraw import updated
  • multipage preferences added
  • moved support folder back to the Library subfolder and added to the help menu a command to access the folder (because it is hidden on Lion)
  • support folder depth in convert&modify enlarged
  • display of selected items added to browser
  • 'O' key added during slideshow for editing
  • support for '/' character during renaming in the browser added
  • added shortcut for "select existing"
  • added support for more EXIF tags

Bug fixes

  • Lion related bugs fixed
  • added a workaround for the Lion bug which does not return the mounted network volumes
  • bug in NMEA import fixed
  • fixed bug in setting/getting keywords from raws
  • fixed bug in cgm import
  • fixed bug in editing the delay value of the slideshow in the prefs
  • German translation bug fixed
  • possible bug with apply gpx to files fixed
  • bug in SVG export fixed
  • bug with progress bar after unskew fixed
  • bug with move folders in slideshow fixed
  • possible crash during access of SafeSync volumes fixed
  • display bug during display of some b&w images fixed
  • fixed possible crash during wmf to pf conversion