GraphicConverter 7.4.1 (build 326), November 4, 2011

New features

  • copy drop area items to context menu entry added
  • copy drop area items to with index context menu entry added
  • reverse geocoding added
  • conversion of hpgl to vector pdf added

Updates features

  • position property added to AppleScript dictionary
  • hpgl import improved
  • MPO import improved
  • moved HPGL import to Quartz for better quality

Bug fixes

  • fixed bug with pixelated previews of PSD files under Lion in the browser
  • fixed bug in display of percentage in slideshow
  • fixed size bug in iptc batch dialog
  • fixed bug in html catalog dialog
  • fixed bug in convert&modify preferences dialog
  • fixed bug with apple remote in slideshow after last frame
  • fixed bug in setting default browser sort order of the browser in the prefs
  • fixed bug with accessing saved batches in the browser
  • fixed a QuickTime bug (upon rotation) introduced by the latest Apple security patch