GraphicConverter 7.6 (build 394), January 11, 2012

New features

  • added shadow and highlights
  • added color balance
  • added histogram equalization
  • added metadata tab to slideshow preferences; fontsize, color and metadata can now be choosen
  • added search feature to preferences dialog
  • Russian translation added
  • customized options to set rating and label with the keyboard in the browser and slideshow
  • cursor up/down in image does recognize user selection for natural scrolling on 10.7 or later
  • support for scanning from network scanners with image capture added
  • create alpha channel from embedded path command added
  • sepia batch added
  • create alpha channel from embedded path batch added
  • added menu entry to show preferences file
  • added Xe847 (automatic) batch function
  • added BLP import option to mirror vertically
  • option to disable reopen of last windows upon launch on Lion added

Updates features

  • added display of the label name to the slideshow filename display
  • improved naming o alpha channel functions
  • added printing of multiframes from movies to print catalog
  • added number sorting support for next/previous image

Bug fixes

  • fixed bug in NMEA import
  • fixed possible crash after alpha channel creation
  • fixed wrong default folder after switch to convert&modify in the browser
  • fixed a bug upon deletion of temporary files on quit
  • fixed possible crash during browsing
  • fixed xwd import bug for 16 bit mode
  • fixed white dot in slideshow if background is white
  • fixed jump to first frame of movie after display in slideshow
  • possible crash in browser fixed if displayed PNG is resaved in Photoshop Elements
  • many other bug fixes