GraphicConverter 8.1 (build 890), June 3, 2012
for Intel Macs with 10.6.8 or later
(free update for all licensed customers of version 7.x and 8.x)

New features

  • support for 16 bit per channel added (for import and export of tiff and import of raw - other formats will follow)
  • map support added for gps location display

Updates features

  • reorganized pdf location to save space
  • added support for home and end key to scroll to the left or right edge inside an image
  • updated ExifTool to 8.93
  • added support for option key + page up/down, home and end key to scroll left/right

Bug fixes

  • fixed possible crash during reading Paperport MAX files
  • fixed rotation issue with some grayscale images
  • fixed a possible issue with the option "Delete original after save as"
  • fixed rename issue under French localization
  • fixed possible memory leak after reading some Nikon JPEGs
  • fixed bug in strip count value of tiff lzw export
  • fixed bug in multiframe preview of movies
  • fixed offset in lossless jpeg cropping
  • fixed possible crash during opening files with undocumented anpa tags
  • fixed possible crash during opening some JPEGs with Olympus tags
  • fixed a bug during TWAIN import of 1 bit images
  • fixed a bug in the inverse geocoding
  • added a workaround for scanner drivers which do not support TWAIN 2.2 callbacks (i.e. EPSON drivers)
  • fixed a crash with corrupt exif metadata
  • fixed a possible crash upon import of 4 bit GIFs
  • fixed a possible bug during convert & modify with Japanese or Korean file names
  • fixed a bug in making a filename webready
  • fixed a bug with the default file extension in the sandboxed version
  • fixed a bug with saving the transparency as a GIF file
  • fixed a bug in get/set of the window position by AppleScript
  • fixed a bug in opening large PNGs