CADintosh 8.0.1 (build 186), August 22, 2014
for Intel Macs with 10.6.8 or later
(free update for all licensed customers of version 8.x, paid upgrade for customers of version 7.x or older)

New features

  • added context menu for quick change of function
  • added tools menu
  • added "Enter Fullscreen" menu item
  • added preference for localized date display
  • added panning with shift click and move
  • added scroll left/right with command and scrollwheel
  • added catch mode shortcuts to options menu
  • added automatic replacement of space with a comma after entering numbers into the command line
  • added function to double or halve grid size

Updates features

  • many dialog resizements for the French translation
  • Japanese translation much improved

Bug fixes

  • fixed a bug in the ^50 and ^51 text operator
  • fixed possible crash after deletion of a symbol in the symbol management
  • fixed a bug in the edit dimension attribute dialog
  • fixed a bug in the edit textbox dialog
  • fixed a bug during drawing an arc with two or three points
  • fixed a bug in save as PDF