CADintosh 8.1 (build 218), Januray 26, 2015
for Intel Macs with 10.6.8 or later
(free update for all licensed customers of version 8.x, paid upgrade for customers of version 7.x or older)

New features

  • open/save of sets added
  • export of the visible drawing (active layer set) as DXF added
  • added large crosshair cursor option
  • added separate button for endless line mode
  • added function to delete layer filters
  • added option to modify symbol preview size to the prefs

Updates features

  • improved pen options
  • added ^53 = last file save date
  • added ^54 = last file save time
  • text can now contain ^xx commands and text
  • opened symbol library will be stored during application usage
  • improved width/pen display in the window (only available options will be displayed)
  • added predefine scale 1/4"=1'
  • color field will be hidden in user interface if pen mode is active
  • added quick change of active layer in the quick layer dialog with a command + mouse click
  • scaling of groups simplified

Bug fixes

  • fixed issue with the pen size display
  • fixed issue with line on line under angle
  • fixed possible line with input in command line
  • fixed possible crash with some corrupted dimensions
  • fixed bug with changing of the digits of a dimension
  • fixed possible display issue with very large arcs
  • fixed bug in hpgl arc import