GraphicConverter 8.6 (build 1200), April 27, 2013
for Intel Macs with 10.6.8 or later
(free update for all licensed customers of version 7.x and 8.x)

New features

  • added layers
  • added brightness with curve function
  • added DPHOTO service support
  • added optional filmstrip display for better visual movie display
  • added mark as 3d image batch
  • added shortcuts to slideshow for lossless rotation and mirroring
  • added shortcuts to slideshow for virtual rotation and mirroring
  • added option to save RGBA files as TIFF with or without premultiplied alpha
  • added use last zoom option

Updates features

  • enabled tab key during slideshow to hide/show file list
  • enabled command + cursor left/right for back/forward in the browser
  • fixed translation issues
  • added option to print filename without extension
  • recent browsers menu does use system settings for length of list
  • enhanced delete exif tags dialog
  • improved sharpen range in operator
  • wpg and wpg 2 import improved
  • updated ExifTool
  • PDF import resolution supports fractions
  • improved localizations

Bug fixes

  • fixed bug with convert command calling
  • fixed bug with xfig command calling
  • fixed bug during import of CMYK TIFFs with JPEG compression
  • fixed bug in import of grayscale TIFFs with 32 bit per pixel
  • fixed bug during white correction with 16 bit per channel
  • fixed bug in import of GIF animations for some very special cases
  • fixed bug in XPM export
  • fixed bug in setting iptc data to unicode filename
  • fixed possible bug after duplicate image or merge images command
  • fixed bug with automatic xe847 during batch on deep color images
  • fixed crash during opening some paperport files with unsupported compression
  • fixed possible crash during accessing the color profiles in a thread