GraphicConverter 8.8 (build 1316), August 26, 2013
for Intel Macs with 10.6.8 or later
(free update for all licensed customers of version 7.x and 8.x)

New features

  • added display of XMP faces
  • copy and move in the browser copy xmp sidecar files in addition to the photoraw file automatically
  • added "Force Save All To…" command
  • added "Show files and folders" and "Show files only" to filter popup in the browser
  • added support for Photoshop plugins which does contain more than one plugin
  • added sort by exif date feature to browser, convert & modify and slideshow
  • added option to apply gpx without interpolation
  • added New Image with URL from Clipboard command
  • added control to modify the space between the images and metadata during print catalog
  • added export of EXIF data to Photoshop files
  • added copy flat function to convert and modify
  • added display of last opened/saved batch to convert and modify window
  • added TIFF export with ZIP compression

Updates features

  • increased the eraser size to 50
  • updated image capture support to latest technology
  • added I key to slideshow to edit iptc data
  • added multipage support to HTML catalog creation
  • added option to display combined histogram in levels dialog
  • drag and drop in browser will automatically select next item
  • added lowercase extension option to rename dialog
  • added option to create quicktime movie for each folder in batch conversion
  • updated pdf sdk
  • improved import of some special 16 bit per channel TIFFs
  • improved base64 decoding
  • improved gpx file handling (added double click support to the finder)
  • added progress bar to apply gpx command
  • improved import of exif data from Photoshop files
  • improved reposition option

Bug fixes

  • fixed possible issue with don't show option in note dialog
  • fixed issue with display of toolbar in second slideshow
  • fixed bug in storage of page layout
  • fixed editing issue in the save as dialog
  • fixed bug in storage of html metadata tags
  • fixed bug during rename upon import from digital camera
  • fixed save as issue on 10.9
  • fixed a bug in 16 bit TIF import (a variant)
  • fixed bug in saving gif animation with transparency