GraphicConverter 7.1 (build 147), January 29, 2011

New features

  • digital lightrom mode added to the browser
  • 100% preview added to the browser
  • slideshow in separate window added
  • move folders added to the slideshow
  • scaling options added to the slideshow
  • navigation bar in slideshow can be disabled
  • scale to iTunes Cover size added
  • support for import of .SRW added

Updates features

  • pdf export with alpha channel added
  • option to open images for slideshow with reduced resolution added
  • unskew coordinate display improved
  • move to folder will update the slideshow file list
  • raw converter updated
  • move to folder command selects now next image in the browser
  • clear command enabled in browser
  • Apple Touch Icon support for iPhone 4 added
  • German translation updated
  • Danish translation updated
  • Japanese translation updated
  • Portugese translation updated

Bug fixes

  • display bug with very large 1 bit images fixed
  • bug in entering the other angle in the batch rotate fixed
  • bug with scale with last values fixed
  • bug with Swedish translation fixed
  • bug during editing pdfs with long filenames fixed
  • possible bug with storing the license data fixed
  • create icon bug with more than one file fixed (from the services menu)
  • bug with negative offset in batch rename fixed
  • bug with color selection in make square batch fixed
  • bug in ordered dither fixed
  • bug during scale for web with small values fixed