GraphicConverter 9.1 (build 1559), February 12, 2014
for Intel Macs with 10.7 or later
(free update for all licensed customers of version 9.x)


  • The download is possible directly from this dialog.
  • The new version is available in the download area of, too. The download will be there much faster due the available mirror servers.

New features

  • added average batch and effect
  • added import of .422 (created by Magic Lantern)
  • added "Browse Copy" menu item to browse local copy drive (if cloud client is installed)
  • added "Browse Google Drive" menu item to browse local copy drive (if cloud client is installed)
  • added attach to e-mail menu item
  • added fast mode to improved speed of operator dramatically
  • added antialias for pen tool
  • added crop content batch
  • added option to show a RAW indicator for raw files in the browser
  • added option to show the label color larger in the browser
  • added scroll wheel support to slideshow to start a zoom (in addition to the supported magnify gesture)
  • added save, undo and redo icons to the toolbox
  • added convert to color profile
  • selection can be dragged vertical or horizontal by pressing the shift key
  • added "Extract Images from PDF" as function to convert & modify
  • added copy foreground/background color as html to edit/copy/ submenu
  • added support for ithmb files with JPEG compressed content
  • added option to display color mode of images in browser
  • added option to automatically rename duplicate files during move
  • added abr import

Updates features

  • added option to disable storage of printer settings
  • manual rename of a single file in the browser will now rename an existing xmp file, too
  • save for web opens the save file panel with only the filename selected
  • browser will now ignore "InodeMetaMod" events from network drives to avoid to many refreshes
  • extraction of jpeg thumbnails from exif data will store the thumbs with the source file date
  • Xe847 preview supports now the display with color profile
  • added 16 bit per channel support to import and export of png
  • improved concat in convert & modify
  • improved notification dialog if a camera is connected
  • core image filters preview does now use the color profile (if available)
  • improved rename options for extensions
  • added curve support for grayscale mode images
  • improved animated gif support (transparency on import and export more consistent)
  • added pressure support to pen tool
  • slideshow from browser does now use browser sorting direction
  • added units to selection options

Bug fixes

  • fixed possible bug with selections and core image filters
  • fixed bug in "New folder with selected items" command
  • fixed bug in offset option of change date
  • fixed possible preview bug during brightness/contrast on grayscale images
  • fixed possible quick conversion bug
  • fixed sorting issue in the slideshow
  • fixed bug in TIFF comment import
  • fixed possible hang if folder does contain a recursive link
  • fixed pcd import bug
  • fixed text issue in hpgl import
  • fixed possible bug in ARW import
  • fixed automator issues