GraphicConverter 9.2 (build 1620), May 16, 2014
for Intel Macs with 10.7 or later
(free update for all licensed customers of version 9.x)


  • The download is possible directly from this dialog.
  • The new version is available in the download area of, too. The download will be there much faster due the available mirror servers.

New features

  • added Image Verifier
  • added batch Scale (Long Edge)
  • added RegExLite support to batch rename
  • added match with RegEx to slideshow with find as option
  • added option to rescale faxes upon opening
  • added option to display color usage (click with option key during pipette function into the image)
  • added copy JPEG comment to IPTC caption to convert and modify
  • added clip colors to 5 bit per channel function
  • added sharpen brush
  • added burn brush
  • added dodge brush
  • added display of golden ratio
  • added cycle backward through windows
  • added "Set EXIF date from Filename"
  • added submenu to access tools without toolbox
  • added export for Apple TV to keep file order
  • added batch support for non premultiplied to premultiplied alpha conversion
  • added batch support for premultiplied to non premultiplied alpha conversion
  • added option to define pdf compression for "Combine Folder into PDF" convert&modify function
  • added option to display file path in browser context menu
  • added display of animated GIFs during slideshow
  • added function delete even/odd pages from pdf to convert and modify
  • added color permutations as batch
  • added copy sidecar file to jpg, tif, png, webp

Updates features

  • added radius to map feature
  • added display of last scale values to menu items
  • added color profile to available metadata display items
  • added show in slideshow to redirect options in browser
  • optimized speed of pdf multipage editing dramatically if zip or jpg compression is used
  • added gps display for RAWs with separate xmp file to the browser
  • improved batch multiscale options
  • enhanced rename options
  • added filter with rating of 5 to browser

Bug fixes

  • fixed default path in open iptc dialog
  • fixed possible bug in saving gif loop value
  • fixed bug during rename
  • fixed slideshow issues
  • fixed default value for JFIF header saving
  • fixed crash upon creation of kml file
  • fixed crash during threshold command with images with a width of more than 32.000 pixels
  • fixed possible crash during saving PNGs with very large XMP data
  • fixed bug in GIF import
  • fixed frame rate during gif animation to movie conversion
  • fixed bug in HPGL LB command
  • fixed wrong error messages during some AppleScript commands
  • fixed possible crash with corrupted xmp data