GraphicConverter 9.4 (build 1727), October 6, 2014
for Intel Macs with 10.7 or later
(free update for all licensed customers of version 9.x)


  • The download is possible directly from this dialog.
  • The new version is available in the download area of, too. The download will be there much faster due the available mirror servers.

New features

  • added auto convert feature (batch conversion with folder watching)
  • added optional display of subfolder count and files count in the folder tree of the browser
  • added iOS icon set to save as formats
  • added "get move folder" AppleScript command
  • added Split JPX data stream into JP2s to convert and modify
  • added copy filename to iptc headline command to context menu and actions menu
  • added display of defined move folders to browser context menu
  • added search by label to find function in browser
  • added display mode: same image on second screen to slideshow prefs
  • added option to slideshow to display next image after deletion in sorted order if slideshow is played in random order
  • added function to add/remove fish eye effect
  • added Four Color effect
  • added optional fullscreen preview to the browser
  • added option to disable fade effect for quick look palette
  • added option to set default browser filter
  • added +, -, = zoom shortcuts to quick look palette
  • added batch to scale directly to HD and UHD
  • added shadow and stroke option to insert text batch
  • added option to set default gps location for images without gps data
  • added context menu action "Copy IPTC headline to IPTC title"

Updates features

  • added support for grayscale mode to highlights and shadows effect
  • added support for grayscale mode to equalizer effect
  • embedded Photoshop paths will be saved in TIFF and JPEG format
  • added titles GPS, Script and Action to the symbol menus for better AppleScript accessibility
  • added preference to disable black frame transition at the end of the slideshow to movie export
  • added limit color range checkbox to colorize dialog
  • added option to enable/disable extension check during IPTC import
  • added option to set movie internal date/time kind between UTC and local time
  • many updates related to Yosemite
  • updated dcraw
  • updated ExifTool
  • improved gpx import
  • improved behavior of set file date dialog
  • added support for search of city in Google map after recent API change

Bug fixes

  • fixed one missing unchecked item in rename dialog upon click onto "Uncheck all"
  • fixed size of save for web dialog for small screens
  • fixed bug in inversion of gif frames
  • fixed possible memory leak in the slidshow
  • fixed size issue in Cocooner export dialog
  • fixed possible issue with not appearing drop area
  • fixed possible folding issue in the folder tree of the browser during drag and drop
  • fixed crash during AppleScript "convert file" command
  • fixed bug in "MOS" import