GraphicConverter 9.5 (build 1780), December 17, 2014
for Intel Macs with 10.7 or later
(free update for all licensed customers of version 9.x)


  • The download is possible directly from this dialog.
  • The new version is available in the download area of, too. The download will be there much faster due the available mirror servers.

New features

  • added QR code creation
  • added find QR code (on 10.10 or newer)
  • added MTF (Motorola Theme File) import; embedded GIF and MP3 data can be exported with the context menu
  • added Automatic Enhancement function to Picture menu
  • added update preference panel
  • added MathPad text file import
  • added optional decoding of tar/gzip archives to the browser
  • added "Close all saved documents" function
  • added sort option pref for browsing of photostream
  • added function to mark possible images of a HDR series
  • added paste into selection
  • added sort into subfolder depending on QR code feature to browser context menu
  • added APNG import
  • added option to select behaviour after single item rename in browser
  • added contrast and color measurement to caliper tool
  • added tolerance to swap colors function
  • added smart crop applescript command
  • added landsat import
  • added print preview dialog
  • added gpx creation to the GPS menu
  • added basic direct xcf import
  • added cross hair tool

Updates features

  • added support for SIXEL files with binary introducer
  • updated the Sparkle update framework to the current release
  • improved inverse geotagging
  • added option to use original format in operator
  • added "Inverse Geotagging" option to edit iptc information of opened image
  • added option to define print catalog image resolution
  • enhanced "New folder with selection" options
  • added sort by name/exif date option to html catalog creation
  • next/previous image can use browser sorting
  • added justify option to slideshow
  • added line style to line tool
  • updated program icon for Yosemite
  • edges and frames effect can now adjust the frames depending on the aspect ratio

Bug fixes

  • fixed bug in filter by rating 4 or better
  • fixed possible issue in AppleScript convert file command
  • fixed bug with c key during slideshow
  • fixed possible crash in browser during change of files with the ExifTool
  • fixed xbm inversion bug
  • fixed bug with simple brightness/contrast on 16 bit grayscale images
  • fixed an issue with slideshow display of a folder full of aliases
  • fixed bug with initial 100% preview in browser
  • fixed rating issue in flat view