GraphicConverter 9.7.1 (build 2045), July 10, 2015
for Intel Macs with 10.8 or later
(free update for all licensed customers of version 9.x)


  • The download is possible directly from this dialog.
  • The new version is also available in the download area of The download will be much faster there due to the available mirror servers.

New features

  • Pure Carbon filter as batch
  • Swap left/right image of 3D file as batch
  • Presets for new document
  • min, and, or and xor mode for Merge Folder command
  • batch to enable JPEG special filesize
  • scaling of pdf as function of convert and modify
  • import of NPO (Nokia phone format)
  • import of SPE (microscope format)
  • import of SWS

Updates features

  • enhanced multiscale options
  • added support for command 1-7 in file info dialog to select tabs
  • updated German localization
  • browser filter show only tagged/untagged images (GPS yes/no)
  • added support for a special dng variant
  • added format options to multiscale dialog
  • improved error handling upon disk full error
  • import of tiled float grayscale TIFFs

Bug fixes

  • fixed failure of AppleScript command silentopen
  • fixed issue on 10.8.x
  • fixed issue with updater settings
  • fixed crash during usage of some browser toolbox icons
  • fixed possible issue with the insertion mark during editing in the browser