GraphicConverter 7.6.2 (build 447), March 3, 2012

New features

  • added Equalizer
  • added support for IptcCore contact data (single images and browser)
  • added browsing of versions (10.7 or later)
  • added indicator for display of images with unapplied XMP changes (used by Lightroom)
  • added tiled display as option to slideshow
  • zoom with trackpad during slideshow added
  • added font preview in font popup
  • added option to start slideshow with offset
  • added toggle margins option to catalog printing
  • added shortcuts option + delete and control + delete to align bounds during unskew
  • added keyword count to iptc dialog
  • added move to and copy to command to context menu of the browser
  • added import of themepack archives
  • added a workaround for a bug in a Lion call during display an icns

Updates features

  • added preview checkbox to operator
  • added shortcut for Xe847 filter
  • improved Xe847 gui

Bug fixes

  • fixed possible bug with the regions in the clipboard on 10.7
  • fixed Xe847 note after next/previous image
  • fixed bug in tga save as options
  • fixed crash during export of slideshow as movie
  • fixed bug with openstreetmap
  • many small bug fixes