GraphicConverter 8.3 (build 999), September 14, 2012
for Intel Macs with 10.6.8 or later
(free update for all licensed customers of version 7.x and 8.x)

New features

  • added shared menu support
  • added Aperture library support
  • added Automator actions
  • added notifications (10.8)
  • added optional display indicator for exif rotation tag
  • added pdf export options
  • added copy/paste of GPS location to the browser
  • added support for Locr
  • added option to select default monitor in multimonitor configurations
  • added option to stop browser cursor navigation at first/last preview
  • added service menu entries to set file date to EXIF date and rotate upon EXIF
  • readded support for saving a lot of old formats like PAC, OTA, PBM, etc. (mainly 1 bit formats)
  • added rename option to drag and drop in the browser if the file does exists
  • added 1080p HSBS conversion
  • added 1080P HSBS to slideshow display options
  • added 3D batch conversion options (frame packing, interleaved, HSBS, swapping)
  • added rotation upon EXIF to import options

Updates features

  • added option for delete and next button to delete without trashing
  • enhanced GIF export
  • improved twain handling
  • optimized unsharp mask

Bug fixes

  • fixed a bug of setting the file label upon save
  • fixed a bug in manual GPS editing
  • fixed a bug in saving with original creation date
  • fixed a possible crash with the fast preview
  • fixed a possible crash during saving grayscale GIFs
  • fixed a possible bug in the hpgl import
  • fixed a truncation issue with long captions during slideshow
  • fixed a bug in saving actions
  • fixed a bug in conversion movies to gif animations
  • fixed a possible bug during yenc decoding
  • fixed a bug in sort by name submenu
  • many internal optimizations and bug fixes